Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New album: IDORA PARK

Named for the grand amusement park that once graced North Oakland, IDORA PARK is a 6-song collection (26 minutes). Recorded July - August 2012 in an apartment some 15 blocks south of where the park once sat, IDORA PARK is a reflection on the loss of a golden age, however one chooses to define that term.

An initial pressing of 35 copies has been made and will be distributed mostly to friends. However, mp3s are available below:

01. I Was Wrong
02. Idora Park
03. Boxes
04. Please Don't Let Me Go
05. Yellow House
06. A Vulnerable Man

Click here to download all songs.
(When you click the link and the new window opens, select "Click here to start download from Send Space.")

Thank you for paying attention. If you get a chance to listen to the songs, please leave a comment. If you like the album and have a show for me to play, even better!